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Sinners who trust Christ to be
saved by grace ,
at that moment become maturing
Saints who can
trust Christ to be
solved by grace!

"Never forget,
no matter what...
John 3:16

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••Chapter #5 - Two Healings

    ••Videos on Study Guide DVD found on YouTube

      •• "Forward"

      •• "Good News"

      •• "Unpresentable"

    ••Extra Videos and Footnotes for Session #5


      Podcast 104 - Two Healings
      This week we start Chapter 5 Two Healings and give an update on what we have been up to the last three weeks.
           Wed, June 27, 2012

      Podcast 105 - How We Forgive
      Chapter 5 of The Cure begins to walk us through the process of forgiveness. It looks a lot different than we might think.
           Thu, July 19, 2012

      Podcast 106 - Unfiltered
      Today we talk about the "Taking Off the Filter" portion of The Cure Guide which leads groups through the process of reading the Bible without a cloud of moralism or sin management.
           Thu, August 2, 2012

      Podcast 107 - Ephesians 4:32
      Forgive as Christ forgave? How is this possible?
           Thu, August 16, 2012


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